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Tera Gold of the Equipment and the Ability is Indeed of Time

28. září 2011 v 7:32 | a Gold

It happens in our are found in random of runescape money. And causes are easily found, the binding the mechanism of network is very small, some people do some not be recognized, after all, next time you want to meet you is difficult.

But I random play so long, all need to basic be T light. Of course there is just to 80 blue green in the mix into a, what should be the way, people sometimes will also be T. The final answer is, don't want to take small. Ah, how to be human, equipment to be greedy, all good equipment bad was also T, all need only well equipped and not random needed talent can enter into your FaYan?

But sometimes, when the man who brush also not is what good birds. R group G group DPS comparable to the standard, find, head of equipment or G fruit, in the home of a mutual brush DiaoMin also is very common, and I have seen a KLZ G group, a consumer of T after the start of brush, said he this that. Finally learned that, this person without money, is consumer generated resentment after T last revenge brush screen. This is I recently seen several, although different reasons, but the result is not bad, big difference because all sorts of reasons to mark finally get paid. No

Actually black G mainly in group G, and black equipment appeared in Y group appeared. Black G or black equipment or now depends on more than it used to. In fact, think carefully, appear this kind of circumstance is the main reason of the copy too simple. Black G black equipment, focus on the time of appearance is broadly in 3.0 later to the two TBC WLK version, in fact is 3.0 after the matter.

Copy simple, leading to a large number of Tera Money group and G group appear. In 3.0, G group before basically with the guild group or a fixed group's form, and of the group was basically a contact so rarely appears black G event. The same black equipment incident very few, because at the time KLZ or ZAM all right, can get through team basically all smooth half fixed group is cast. Want to then my group are within 50 minutes after ZAM. At the time of MT and a milk ride are fixed, other people see equipment basic will know that level. At the time of the equipment and the ability of HuaDengHao is indeed a lot of time, because the ZAM this with 1 small white band, and the team is not much. BT and HS G regiment in 3.0 before, only a few blood feather progress more quickly in the union can take play, Y group G group all no. It is said that many of the cow fork server Y group G group run, I feel to be joking.

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Tera Gold Masters in the Car Stops How the First Time Round into a Point

23. září 2011 v 3:26 | good
In fact I now quite good of Tera Online Gold, And do not want to take "if the serpent" construct sentence, and then write and Pala "if we snake afterwards how it ......" So, what reason. Even if life is busy, the heart myös light dry and check the water. Every waking, etc., and then the alarm clock rings peace of mind of rubbing HIS eyes, change clothes climb up off the air conditioner, open the window, open the door to the toilet and wash brush one's face.

Change shoe and go and walk Downstairs, buy a bottle of mineral water wait for the bus, while watching a group of SIPS Masters big stops in the car how the first time round into a point. Then gaining momentum, ready to watch. And They all crowded up he'll get the car, choose a better stand not so crowded position. Only for quiet and listen to the song, what myös do not want it.

Sometimes the morning brush your teeth Will see the sky out of the window. Chongqing Sky is always a few notes of cloud Yin Yin, Besides, here's a hot summer day. I still remember the time in Shenzhen, brother-in-law's send me the way to the airport. Baiyun good low, and the great duo duo. If I Had not come back from Beijing's Shenzhen from Chongqing, again, and again from the Shenzhen Chongqing. I will not meet with many of you? Those Who give me laugh, and give me a warm, that Encourage me, give me comfort you?

Now I'm Very Happy To Have You Think, Those with WOW Gold at first, is it in order not let me meet you and arrangement? I'm all right now, do not cry do not make myös, not HIS Ao normal teeth. That's enough.

The Vast Majority of Soldiers Chose Tornado Tera Gold

20. září 2011 v 4:56 | tera gold
So our soldiers like Sparta van as single list pick Tera Gold single eight will take the enemy's first, see straight the g LanNuo g is dog eye a light, was immediately decided to teach you berserker stance. Learn to feel after or owe you something like, and recommend a good base for caster weapons friends you make a ChenShou weapon.

Caster in the eastern kingdom. All the way walk to the hillsbrad water and the new, you could find him. And all kinds of dog blood legend caster a virtue, and this goods and understand something to be willing to give you make beautiful, that you get magic point material to let he summons a elements.

Task need eight live a grass, an exile elements and 30 root top troll tusks of blood. Live a grass, can get good AH buy can also let herbalism as the primary gathering a little friends sponsorship. Blood in the valley of the troll thorns, killing is, difficult in exile elements.

This thing is by elements spells synthesis get. Maybe a lot of old players will doubt arathi highlands that a few imprisoned array method: what, how to mention task. In fact this a few places to a warrior is. Kill the corresponding element will drop element, the element of fire spells ray elements and the element of water each need eight, and then can make exile elements. But these elements of high level really strange. Low level to do, he will definitely ADD beware, out slowly killed. Process can be very slow, want to hurry words turn friends with you. Those days will see frequently have low-level soldiers fighting alone in a little attention around the array will look quite have such, some dismal mean.

Collect after, go back and find Tera Gold. He cheerfully recruit out the storm lords and then enter ran... Speed is that a dominance over... The element with friends, get the slag shot to the heart of the cyclone, it can get soldiers exclusive weapon. A total of three, respectively is a whirlwind axe, a whirlwind of the sword and hammer of the whirlwind, consider to pull breeze degree, the vast majority of soldiers chose tornado ax, a bright blue weapons back in the light of the flash back luxuriant, become the pride of the soldiers that stage iconic items. And from then on, lay the warrior and weapons indissoluble bond. From Mr Kim axe to prick hammer, from AL to the eye axe, generations of weapons with soldiers galloping across the battlefield, become the prefix names soldier.

Why Want to Use These Illegal Program to Victory of Tera Gold

18. září 2011 v 8:05 | Cherry xu

April 26, an exciting day, a world-class masterpiece Tera Gold came to China, I'm very happy with the mood of the play's buy, after more than half a month of the game of life, I just felt it again the existence of this thing. Plug

One day I a friend LianJi, a plugin from behind, I turned around and steal learning, I see!!!!! 20 levels thief, thought, union also is too rowdy right, is clearly look down upon our tribe of! Even the level 20 small rushed out, later is that it was the battle, know he can really ignore our presence, that is the teleport bots that when we give him one last effort of time, suddenly they shift to far away place, take medicine-full of blood-" come again harassment.

I want to say is, we can improve the quality of the Chinese, please? Put a game really as a game to play not good? Why so many commercial of things and to come in? That will only make people more look down upon let's Chinese. In the game of these really so important? Don't we all for entertainment? Why not really relax, only a game when "game" play? What "wu3 lin2's leader, zhi honour are false" why then go straight on these? Friends play equipment, it is not very good from PK?

After all, these use to find the money to plug the with Tera Gold, and the person, who is some PK coward! Little man. If you really have the strength, let's come to the perfect ah, why want to use these illegal program to victory? If you in the reality is so strong words, why not some improvement in their own quality, let foreigners can also look up to our Chinese nation? It is because have you so of the moth!

If Not to Open Tera Gold Disorderly Honor System Others Will Put You the Same

17. září 2011 v 3:59 | cherry

See articles, every day is what most of Tera Gold, and then in the game were killed, and ran to the BBS made on the!!!!! With the people, not wg I won't say it. But those in the game was killed, I said it made you not a man! Why do PVP server, blizzard why the language barrier, is to deepen the hatred on both sides. And the other players met, then killed, went to the BBS on because he knows who (in the game calling someone can't see).

LianJi of time is the senior of harassment, was killed, and said others is junk. Now open the honor system, said the honor system to make servers, as if not to open more disorderly honor system others will put you the same. In my eyes, are a bunch of mental health, their truth is that if they take people kill is right, if who killed them that someone is rubbish. I LianJi do when 30 multi-stage task, often is a day of senior kill more than 20 times, but since I was playing the PVP, I have nothing to complain about, really get but just look for a friend to help or to run not yet?

Others said no personal character, I depend, sneak attack others rogue sneak attack is don't do what? Fight over who can't put HeiQiang provisions behind? Sometimes both sides don't want to play, he waved the playing on their own, others want to play the suddenly, put you to death. That you should also look is to kill you, don't to blame for the poor player character PVP server fault, the rules of the game that is 2 party hatred, the somebody else no matter how to kill you does not violate the rules of the server.

I say that those who can't stand PVP server, the understanding of Tera Gold, everything you need, attacks the server, so that in PVP server were tortured in a mental derangement. And those who have no matter, no matter you are called union or scold tribes, only the more appear you are not a man. Now that play, he got out of the PVP point man to play.

The World of WoW Gold Jumped off and Responsible for Such a Young Life

16. září 2011 v 10:28 | earngold
First statement: I so far has not played WoW Gold, was still in a bitter waiting four area open (by the strong BS about dog city), but for prepared to enter the world of WOW has often been wandering in warcraft relevant web pages, from a city announced that point card charge up the price, students VS office worker, month card VS the dispute that the point card has never been broken and can't help a little ShouYang, hope and you will be a welcome from, throw Chinese cabbage!

The first to clear is the most important: we play the object of the game is to? Is "entertainment", the more precise say "happy entertainment", the purpose is just enjoy the game can bring us pleasure, appreciate the real life can't get stimulation, experience the world of the unsubstantial give your glory, for we smooth lack life increase a tasty morsel (note: some of the players in the game and ulterior motives for players except for such). Why we need to in order to such a just entertainment tool to fight (debate, rather too much, can fight the curse if is to be more BS), and lost a common heart.

As students race, the near future you are about to set foot on society, and as office worker, not long ago you are students. More consistent is whether you are students or an office worker or family, who are we on a holy mission: strong our Chinese nation. (the height of the rise enough, ok, ah, himself a little goose bumps). The more direct a little say: we want the anti-japanese exactly. (so says no one should throw eggs!) so whether we should be even more unity point? I'm sure if is quite know the situation not joy smothering just strange, and even play a game was as such, do what you can. Ask yourself right, brothers and sisters.

"Moderation act", this is I send everyone's a word of advice. The work you ShangYouLao sandwich, maybe there's red flag floating, was out to fight, home to the bath, and in a run, run WOW hug a wife and children go to sleep early a good night's sleep. You will remember the simplicity of the school, the yuan heaven have no float, and have to turn to their parents to the money of blood, not easy, don't spend to feel at ease from free and unfettered, in essence, the school is the most important.

But as we, any sensible person, you should take a look, when you open the game to see WoW Gold, should not indulge in", etc, remember that is no words any agent partner, XunXin unite their true well. Recently a 13 year old girl to the world of warcraft jumped off a building suicide, who this for such a young life to responsible, is shit the9, or are we this materialistic society, whether or not we should aware that, network in bring to our lives rapid development at the same time, it also like electronic heroin in constant corrosion us a generation of the mind.