If Not to Open Tera Gold Disorderly Honor System Others Will Put You the Same

17. září 2011 v 3:59 | cherry

See articles, every day is what most of Tera Gold, and then in the game were killed, and ran to the BBS made on the!!!!! With the people, not wg I won't say it. But those in the game was killed, I said it made you not a man! Why do PVP server, blizzard why the language barrier, is to deepen the hatred on both sides. And the other players met, then killed, went to the BBS on because he knows who (in the game calling someone can't see).

LianJi of time is the senior of harassment, was killed, and said others is junk. Now open the honor system, said the honor system to make servers, as if not to open more disorderly honor system others will put you the same. In my eyes, are a bunch of mental health, their truth is that if they take people kill is right, if who killed them that someone is rubbish. I LianJi do when 30 multi-stage task, often is a day of senior kill more than 20 times, but since I was playing the PVP, I have nothing to complain about, really get but just look for a friend to help or to run not yet?

Others said no personal character, I depend, sneak attack others rogue sneak attack is don't do what? Fight over who can't put HeiQiang provisions behind? Sometimes both sides don't want to play, he waved the playing on their own, others want to play the suddenly, put you to death. That you should also look is to kill you, don't to blame for the poor player character PVP server fault, the rules of the game that is 2 party hatred, the somebody else no matter how to kill you does not violate the rules of the server.

I say that those who can't stand PVP server, the understanding of Tera Gold, everything you need, attacks the server, so that in PVP server were tortured in a mental derangement. And those who have no matter, no matter you are called union or scold tribes, only the more appear you are not a man. Now that play, he got out of the PVP point man to play.

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