Tera Gold Masters in the Car Stops How the First Time Round into a Point

23. září 2011 v 3:26 | good
In fact I now quite good of Tera Online Gold, And do not want to take "if the serpent" construct sentence, and then write and Pala "if we snake afterwards how it ......" So, what reason. Even if life is busy, the heart myös light dry and check the water. Every waking, etc., and then the alarm clock rings peace of mind of rubbing HIS eyes, change clothes climb up off the air conditioner, open the window, open the door to the toilet and wash brush one's face.

Change shoe and go and walk Downstairs, buy a bottle of mineral water wait for the bus, while watching a group of SIPS Masters big stops in the car how the first time round into a point. Then gaining momentum, ready to watch. And They all crowded up he'll get the car, choose a better stand not so crowded position. Only for quiet and listen to the song, what myös do not want it.

Sometimes the morning brush your teeth Will see the sky out of the window. Chongqing Sky is always a few notes of cloud Yin Yin, Besides, here's a hot summer day. I still remember the time in Shenzhen, brother-in-law's send me the way to the airport. Baiyun good low, and the great duo duo. If I Had not come back from Beijing's Shenzhen from Chongqing, again, and again from the Shenzhen Chongqing. I will not meet with many of you? Those Who give me laugh, and give me a warm, that Encourage me, give me comfort you?

Now I'm Very Happy To Have You Think, Those with WOW Gold at first, is it in order not let me meet you and arrangement? I'm all right now, do not cry do not make myös, not HIS Ao normal teeth. That's enough.

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