Tera Gold of the Equipment and the Ability is Indeed of Time

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It happens in our are found in random of runescape money. And causes are easily found, the binding the mechanism of network is very small, some people do some not be recognized, after all, next time you want to meet you is difficult.

But I random play so long, all need to basic be T light. Of course there is just to 80 blue green in the mix into a, what should be the way, people sometimes will also be T. The final answer is, don't want to take small. Ah, how to be human, equipment to be greedy, all good equipment bad was also T, all need only well equipped and not random needed talent can enter into your FaYan?

But sometimes, when the man who brush also not is what good birds. R group G group DPS comparable to the standard, find, head of equipment or G fruit, in the home of a mutual brush DiaoMin also is very common, and I have seen a KLZ G group, a consumer of T after the start of brush, said he this that. Finally learned that, this person without money, is consumer generated resentment after T last revenge brush screen. This is I recently seen several, although different reasons, but the result is not bad, big difference because all sorts of reasons to mark finally get paid. No

Actually black G mainly in group G, and black equipment appeared in Y group appeared. Black G or black equipment or now depends on more than it used to. In fact, think carefully, appear this kind of circumstance is the main reason of the copy too simple. Black G black equipment, focus on the time of appearance is broadly in 3.0 later to the two TBC WLK version, in fact is 3.0 after the matter.

Copy simple, leading to a large number of Tera Money group and G group appear. In 3.0, G group before basically with the guild group or a fixed group's form, and of the group was basically a contact so rarely appears black G event. The same black equipment incident very few, because at the time KLZ or ZAM all right, can get through team basically all smooth half fixed group is cast. Want to then my group are within 50 minutes after ZAM. At the time of MT and a milk ride are fixed, other people see equipment basic will know that level. At the time of the equipment and the ability of HuaDengHao is indeed a lot of time, because the ZAM this with 1 small white band, and the team is not much. BT and HS G regiment in 3.0 before, only a few blood feather progress more quickly in the union can take play, Y group G group all no. It is said that many of the cow fork server Y group G group run, I feel to be joking.

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