The Vast Majority of Soldiers Chose Tornado Tera Gold

20. září 2011 v 4:56 | tera gold
So our soldiers like Sparta van as single list pick Tera Gold single eight will take the enemy's first, see straight the g LanNuo g is dog eye a light, was immediately decided to teach you berserker stance. Learn to feel after or owe you something like, and recommend a good base for caster weapons friends you make a ChenShou weapon.

Caster in the eastern kingdom. All the way walk to the hillsbrad water and the new, you could find him. And all kinds of dog blood legend caster a virtue, and this goods and understand something to be willing to give you make beautiful, that you get magic point material to let he summons a elements.

Task need eight live a grass, an exile elements and 30 root top troll tusks of blood. Live a grass, can get good AH buy can also let herbalism as the primary gathering a little friends sponsorship. Blood in the valley of the troll thorns, killing is, difficult in exile elements.

This thing is by elements spells synthesis get. Maybe a lot of old players will doubt arathi highlands that a few imprisoned array method: what, how to mention task. In fact this a few places to a warrior is. Kill the corresponding element will drop element, the element of fire spells ray elements and the element of water each need eight, and then can make exile elements. But these elements of high level really strange. Low level to do, he will definitely ADD beware, out slowly killed. Process can be very slow, want to hurry words turn friends with you. Those days will see frequently have low-level soldiers fighting alone in a little attention around the array will look quite have such, some dismal mean.

Collect after, go back and find Tera Gold. He cheerfully recruit out the storm lords and then enter ran... Speed is that a dominance over... The element with friends, get the slag shot to the heart of the cyclone, it can get soldiers exclusive weapon. A total of three, respectively is a whirlwind axe, a whirlwind of the sword and hammer of the whirlwind, consider to pull breeze degree, the vast majority of soldiers chose tornado ax, a bright blue weapons back in the light of the flash back luxuriant, become the pride of the soldiers that stage iconic items. And from then on, lay the warrior and weapons indissoluble bond. From Mr Kim axe to prick hammer, from AL to the eye axe, generations of weapons with soldiers galloping across the battlefield, become the prefix names soldier.

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