The World of WoW Gold Jumped off and Responsible for Such a Young Life

16. září 2011 v 10:28 | earngold
First statement: I so far has not played WoW Gold, was still in a bitter waiting four area open (by the strong BS about dog city), but for prepared to enter the world of WOW has often been wandering in warcraft relevant web pages, from a city announced that point card charge up the price, students VS office worker, month card VS the dispute that the point card has never been broken and can't help a little ShouYang, hope and you will be a welcome from, throw Chinese cabbage!

The first to clear is the most important: we play the object of the game is to? Is "entertainment", the more precise say "happy entertainment", the purpose is just enjoy the game can bring us pleasure, appreciate the real life can't get stimulation, experience the world of the unsubstantial give your glory, for we smooth lack life increase a tasty morsel (note: some of the players in the game and ulterior motives for players except for such). Why we need to in order to such a just entertainment tool to fight (debate, rather too much, can fight the curse if is to be more BS), and lost a common heart.

As students race, the near future you are about to set foot on society, and as office worker, not long ago you are students. More consistent is whether you are students or an office worker or family, who are we on a holy mission: strong our Chinese nation. (the height of the rise enough, ok, ah, himself a little goose bumps). The more direct a little say: we want the anti-japanese exactly. (so says no one should throw eggs!) so whether we should be even more unity point? I'm sure if is quite know the situation not joy smothering just strange, and even play a game was as such, do what you can. Ask yourself right, brothers and sisters.

"Moderation act", this is I send everyone's a word of advice. The work you ShangYouLao sandwich, maybe there's red flag floating, was out to fight, home to the bath, and in a run, run WOW hug a wife and children go to sleep early a good night's sleep. You will remember the simplicity of the school, the yuan heaven have no float, and have to turn to their parents to the money of blood, not easy, don't spend to feel at ease from free and unfettered, in essence, the school is the most important.

But as we, any sensible person, you should take a look, when you open the game to see WoW Gold, should not indulge in", etc, remember that is no words any agent partner, XunXin unite their true well. Recently a 13 year old girl to the world of warcraft jumped off a building suicide, who this for such a young life to responsible, is shit the9, or are we this materialistic society, whether or not we should aware that, network in bring to our lives rapid development at the same time, it also like electronic heroin in constant corrosion us a generation of the mind.

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