Why Want to Use These Illegal Program to Victory of Tera Gold

18. září 2011 v 8:05 | Cherry xu

April 26, an exciting day, a world-class masterpiece Tera Gold came to China, I'm very happy with the mood of the play's buy, after more than half a month of the game of life, I just felt it again the existence of this thing. Plug

One day I a friend LianJi, a plugin from behind, I turned around and steal learning, I see!!!!! 20 levels thief, thought, union also is too rowdy right, is clearly look down upon our tribe of! Even the level 20 small rushed out, later is that it was the battle, know he can really ignore our presence, that is the teleport bots that when we give him one last effort of time, suddenly they shift to far away place, take medicine-full of blood-" come again harassment.

I want to say is, we can improve the quality of the Chinese, please? Put a game really as a game to play not good? Why so many commercial of things and to come in? That will only make people more look down upon let's Chinese. In the game of these really so important? Don't we all for entertainment? Why not really relax, only a game when "game" play? What "wu3 lin2's leader, zhi honour are false" why then go straight on these? Friends play equipment, it is not very good from PK?

After all, these use to find the money to plug the with Tera Gold, and the person, who is some PK coward! Little man. If you really have the strength, let's come to the perfect ah, why want to use these illegal program to victory? If you in the reality is so strong words, why not some improvement in their own quality, let foreigners can also look up to our Chinese nation? It is because have you so of the moth!

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