Basically Not with RS Gold Trade Union Activities

19. října 2011 v 10:13 | RS Gold

I this is 6 area, RS Gold was a close server undead rogue, some time ago to not only why your account was banned, and E-mail asked GM, GM letter said: "you use of the world of warcraft account because there are in the game one of the ACTS (publicity, the propaganda cash transactions and power-leveling fraud), in the game access is frozen." At that time I really don't understand, because I play WOW nearly 3 years, and for online time is not long, basically not with trade union activities, just down battlefield, has made several JJC, equipment of garbage on a very.

I wear this body garbage equipment who would think that cheating!!!!! Said I cash transactions, I play WOW so long time saved 6000 G hard in the last year, stolen a washed and empty, when asked GM, they wrote back to say that because the capital flow in the game, not to recover, it also calculate. Can they actually say I power-leveling!!!!! More may not power-leveling, even my own practice, all bad, which have time for others. So I went back to an email questioned GM, they wrote back to slow down, said: "dear users:

How do you do, we have learned that you mail reported, I am sorry, because you the information provided is incomplete, we can't for your enquiry, please you once again in a letter from complete provide your account number, your account with all character names, clothes, specific area frozen dates, and the system when you log in to your tips, so that we can verify inquires for you, thank you. "

So I say will according to their information back to Cheap Tera Gold and at that time is April 19, then hair two E-mail to make them. But it is April 27, they also didn't give any reply.

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