I Want to Thank the Small Union WoW Gold Player Wise to Create

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One day, a small trade union, and I see WOW Gold membership, and very happy to have a shaman, then they'd like to bring KLZ zam under 10 copies of, let me wash into milk milk for treatment of installed on 600!! Suddenly on the union of the welcome into the good intentions I laughed at: are you sure you washed the talent? Are you wearing with milk? You see the attack is strong or therapy hurt? You... Really is the shaman? I took some 70 in shaman should some milk outfit, dressed in a camouflage the clothes and the union started my first team experience: KLZ copy

I don't know everyone to participate in activities for the first time what feeling, but I want to say is, I'm really excited, at that time began, the 8 o 'clock until 2 a.m. we just played, you can imagine how the process of misery, but I took part in the activities in the excitement; I'm excited from the original copy is a such played; I'm excited to a boss war of all of the arrangement; I'm excited to my first t4; I'm excited to and I fight alongside nine teammates; From then on I began my 10 copies of experience, KLZ from now on every Monday, zam drag bodies are still playing card in the old four, MSLD GLR we'll rent up (really is a small union)

As for bt hs fb ds I don't know which! Here, I want to thank the small union later player-wise to create all the ice cream cabin--they took me into the real world of warcraft, character representation don't understand rabbit rabbit doo emperor release... And so on these friends they took me to experience the real teamwork.

It is a pity that they are the first in the small but I afk is still in the guild, because give up. Later, because Labour union progress too slow, I left the union came to the first of the trade union, I began in to copy from 25, hs bt started talking, to fb ds training schedule, to the final sw, I experienced the achievements it for a long time, and the more mature, from the initial tension with the blood to stroke treatment; now, From the first blind pile of data, to now measurements discussions.

At the beginning Buy Runescape Gold ignorance, to now also sometimes a command; From the original a number, to the rise of countless small now. I learned a lot, I always came to the essence of warcraft, I understood why play warcraft players of other online disdain. I fell in love with the game for good and evil, I fell in love with the paper of the game, I fell in love with the profound of a game for the team's definition, I, fell in love with the wow.

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