Immediately after Ask MapleStory Mesos from Salt Air Refractively

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"You can send MapleStory Mesos back? I was secretly run out, now uncle and Andy must be very anxious." KaDa looked at the tall figure pleaded.

"I can only send you here......." The fat man KaDa put in even the stump, from here to the goblin camp already very near, can clearly heard the booming away MaDaSheng, even vaguely see KaDa live from that small wooden hut in showing the such as beans lights out. It must be for her uncle napoleon light road signs, and in the night that the direction of the home for her.

"That's nice of you, thank you... and of course he." KaDa smile looked the ball head, he is sleeping over his shoulder, the other side is dream of chewing something about, the mouth to move to smoke, even asleep will not stop.

"I'll think of you." KaDa some sentimental, the thought of the new friends will and respectively, little heart suddenly surges of a faint sour. She fell forward, hug the trunk and as heavy, the calf.

The fat man looked at her, stretched out his hand from his waist solution next string tied to the gadgets. It is like a bird with the bones of the hollow, and made it dug a hole wedge, the other side in a few root beautiful feather. "This to you, danger they blew it." It is a whistle..

KaDa whistling have set in the neck, then again hard hug that only the palm of the wide, this time she didn't say thank you, leaving only a lovely smile, turned toward the little huts.

By this time the dawn has unwittingly, the first morning coming with the sun from the sea of endless the deepest part of the wet through the misty climb, ivory, close to the sea level of the sea fog fast forward. In the limpid Dana phillips red, and immediately after ask lake from salt air refractive out wet, gave out the orange ray ties. So everything begins to awaken, forest regression of noise, as if last night's peace and those who harbored in the night pitfalls, has become a rising smoke, translate the sight. When KaDa stood in a little house couldn't help look back at a glance, before the huge figure has disappeared from sight.

KaDa pushed the door open, napoleon uncle sitting at Cheap RS Gold table by the strain to his own beard, Andy carry a hand walked around the house, they saw the't long hiss short sigh she stood in the doorway, the lock is suddenly a face surprised brow.

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